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Memphis Masti - 7th Sense Review
7th Sense
Posted On: Nov 05, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Surya
Heroine : Shruti Haasan
Supporting Actors : Johnny Tri Nguyen, Avinash, Guinness Pakru, Abhinaya, Ashwin, Dhanya Balakrishna, Raghavendra and others
Director : A R Murugadoss
Producer : Lakshmi Ganapathi Films, Red Giant Movies
Release Date : 10/26/2011

Final Word: 7th Sense fails to deliver!
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Bottomline: Beautiful thought, bad execution
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The first 20 minutes has spellbinding content. The movie will be a treat for Surya's fans. For the rest of you, enjoyment will depend on how much of your brain you want to leave back home before going to the theater.
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Final Say: 7th Sense is the best example of bad execution of a great thought. It has has several great things in it a Ghajini combo (Suriya-Murugdoss- Haris), Beautiful heroine and sturdy villain but all it lacked is a better utilization. Watch it once for the efforts.
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The concept is innovative, but format/screenplay/arch is not good enough to narrate this story in an arresting fashion. We have to wait and see how this Diwali release fares at box office.
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