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Memphis Masti - Oh My Friend Review
Oh My Friend
Posted On: Nov 12, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Siddarth, Navadeep
Heroine : Shruti Haasan, Hansika Motwani
Supporting Actors : ---
Director : Venu Sri Ram
Producer : Sri Venkateswara Creations
Release Date : 11/11/2011

Final Word: O My Friend rating would be gloomy as the movie misses the target. Meager script and lack of exciting storytelling way makes O My Friend a movie a poor outing.
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Verdict : Siddharth and Dil Raju have a winner on their hands.
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Final Word: Oh My Friend is targeted at the youth and they should relate to the main plot of the movie. Saying so, it may not appeal to each and every youngster as the issue is not a universal problem. If you have a best buddy from the opposite gender, it would surely appeal to you. So everything depends upon how anyone could relate to this subject. If not for anything go for the superb music and stunning visuals.
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verdict: Youthful and sensitive, watch it!!
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Final Say: The concept of misunderstanding the relation between friends is quite familiar and the movie concept some what resembled to Chiranjeevi's Iddaru Mithrulu. The good narration and entertainment will not let you down through out the 131 minutes of run time. Watch it!
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Bottomline: Emotions okay...but weak entertainment
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Analysis: First half of the film is okay. The main conflict point is revealed in the second half. Climax has a good point on which the entire film is based on. Producer Dil Raju has made a brave attempt to make a film without any commercial padding (except for a 10 minute Ali's came in the second half). Oh My Friend is a kind of film which you either connect or disconnet. It will be liked by the viewers who gets connected. The publicity and package of the film is very good and it has generated excellent openings. We have to wait and see how youth and family crowds like the movie.
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