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Memphis Masti - Sri Rama Rajyam Review
Sri Rama Rajyam
Posted On: Nov 17, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Nandamuri Balakrishna
Heroine : Nayantara
Supporting Actors : Akkineni Nageswar Rao, Srikanth and others
Director : Bapu
Producer : Yalamanchili Sai Baba
Release Date : 11/17/2011

Final Word: The plot of the film has so much melodrama and that should only be the concern for youth to enjoy this film. Family audience and ladies will surely like it.
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The movie screenplay is evidently a bit slow as it is a mythological movie but the performances, visual grandeur will bind you to the seats.The makers of the movie have delivered a near to perfect product in the form of Sri Rama Rajyam. It would be too harsh to compare it with the old Lava Kusa but this is the closest a movie produced in current generation could come.
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Verdict : A visual delight!!
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Bapu comes up with an interesting and sensible film in the form of Sri Ramarajyam. Go and watch it!
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Go and immerse yourself in this divine experience.
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Final Word : Sri Rama rajyam movie review comes like a breath of fresh air amid all commercial clutter! Watch out for Balayya and Nayanatara's performance.
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Bottomline: Watch it only for the efforts
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