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Memphis Masti - Bezawada Review
Posted On: Dec 01, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Naga Chaitanya
Heroine : Amala Paul
Supporting Actors : ---
Director : Vivek Krishna
Producer : Shrey Productions
Release Date : 12/01/2011

Over all, a complete mediocre movie. Give it a miss!
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Verdict : A Failed Sketch!
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Verdict: Violent and intense, watch it!!
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Bezawada movie talk will surely dent Naga Chaitanya's image. On a concluding note, Bejawada movie looks like an ordinary affair. Poor direction, mistimed songs, etc, etc, etc, tests the audience patience.
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Final Word: Bejawada may appeal to mass audience that look for some action and violence. People who expect a sensible or a sensational film from RGV's camp will be terribly disappointed.
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Bejawada is a movie that could have been a genuinely good offering but it is let down by some poor direction and a lack of conviction in story telling. The villain's character just fizzles out and the intense rivalry that is expected in such situations is just not there.
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