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Memphis Masti - Panjaa Review
Posted On: Dec 10, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Pawan Kalyan
Heroine : Sarah Jane Dias
Supporting Actors : Anjali Lavania, Jackie Shroff, Sesh Adivi
Director : Vishnu Vardhan
Producer : Arka Mediaworks, Sanghamitra Arts Productions
Release Date : 12/09/2011

First half of the film is decent. The motive in the second half is not strong enough, hence it will not connect to the average audiences. Pawan Kalyan and technical values are the strengths of the movie.
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Director Vishnuvardhan’s treatment is new for an old story and so Panjaa the box office collections would be interesting to see!
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Panjaa is a stylishly made action film which may not appeal to all the sections of audience. People who look for some novelty in dealing a star’s film without all those clichés may like it.
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Panjaa is not a great film but not a bad one either. The action could please his fans but the lack of entertainment could work as a deterrent. The comedy song isn't great but the story and the visual effects made it watchable.
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Panjaa tears all the positive expectations on the film.
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