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Memphis Masti - Veera Review
Posted On: Nov 05, 2011 - Admin

Rating :

Hero : Ravi Teja
Heroine : Kajal Agarwal, Tapsee
Supporting Actors : Shyam, Roja, Nasser, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, Divya Vani, Krishnudu etc
Director : Ramesh Varma
Producer : Sanvi Productions
Release Date : 05/20/2011

Bottomline: Gives boredom and tiresomeness.
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Final Word: Veera a Torture redefined!
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Final Word: Ravi Teja Veera movie review might not be the best script to handle but surely the director could have done a lot better. The movie suffers from heavy dose of senseless violence, raw dialogues and unnecessary songs.
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