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Rumors Circulating on Pawan and Renu's Relation ?
Posted On: Jun 19, 2012 - Admin

Renu Desai's absence at Ram Charan's wedding has been one of the most talked about topics in the recent times. Rumors have been floating that all is not well between Pawan and Renu. Few sections of media also wrote fabricated stories that the couple has separated ways. Pawan Kalyan attended Panjaa audio launch along with his son Akira, but Renu was not seen. It was believed that Renu has been staying in Pune along with her kids.

Renu Desai was not seen accompanying Pawan at any of the public events or family functions in the recent past. However, everyone expected her to be present at Charan's wedding. That didn't happen and Pawan Kalyan too attended the ceremony just like a guest. He was not active at all in his dear brother's son marriage. Pawan Kalyan being 'inactive' is being attributed to Renu Desai's absence by the gossipmongers.

With so much buzz around this topic, media circles started to dig deep into the details. Some are coming up with fabricated stories that are linking it with Orange and Praja Rajyam Party failures too! These are the rumors that have been in circulation in film nagar from many days. No one knows the actual facts about what has actually happened between Pawan and Renu. But our great media is taking pains to write huge essays absolutely out of 'nothing'. We don't know if there is a hint of fact in those stories until the word is out of horse's mouth. Until then everything we hear or read is just a rumor. That doesn't turn out to be a fact if someone writes a nice 'story' with gripping 'screenplay'!
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