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Pawan Kalyan using Ram Charan's Dowry Gift ?
Posted On: Jun 19, 2012 - Admin

From the day one when ramcharan's marriage is officially announced with princess Upasana, there were too many rumors on what Mega Power Star has received in the form of dowry? As Upasana hails from the royal family of Apollo Hospitals, a piece of dowry in the form of a Chartered Plane was thought to be a fitting one. Media too covered this news saying that groom accepted the Rs.150 Crore gift.

Adding more to this, fresh buzz in film circles is about Pawan Kalyan using this Chartered Plane more than ramcharan. None knows, whether it is right or wrong but Film Nagar is murmuring on Pawan used this Plane for traveling various destinations during the shoot of "Gabbar Singh". Even they say, one of the Pawan’s interview used as 'GS' promotional material was shot in the Plane which actually belonged to Charan. However, this also goes on to show that all is well with in the Mega Family and Pawan is still at open freedom to use the gift belonging to Charan.
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